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Budokai AJ2 Page2 by FallenAngelSefra Budokai AJ2 Page2 by FallenAngelSefra
((2nd/final page))

As the Story Continues....
By combining their powers as one, the two halves of Illuser easily construct a massive Death Ball which dwarves the appearance of everything around it. The android copys are stunned, there is no way they alone could have created such a massive attack in such a short timespan. The Son of Gero watches in awe as the true powers of Illuser are displayed.

Moving in perfect unison, the ball is swung down upon one of the androids, but it does not crash into the ground below. Instead, the duo increase their hold on the massive power orb and swing the energy sphere in a complete 360 degree arc, ultimately catching all four of the copys within the burning globe. Finally, they toss the Death Ball back up into the air, flinging it skyward and into the atmosphere. With a final beckoning call for death, the two Illusers simultaneously grasp their palms closed and the firey orb explodes within the empty air of space.

The clones are completely obliterated in the blast and their ashes scatter and burn away within the atmosphere. Fearing what may come of his staying any longer, the Son of Gero flees the scene with his new data. For him, this is but a minor setback. With the information he has gathered, his next attempt will be far more successful than the last.

Now Jou and Frieza stand alone once again, staring each other down from a distance. Their faces show no emotion, but the hatred they feel for one another can be felt by other warriors for miles around. What seems like hours pass before Frieza breaks the chilling silence.

"Hmph... That bald headed brat is getting on my nerves." he stated, an obvious hint of irritation in his voice, "When next we meet, he won't be around to interfere, I'll make certain of that." He clasped his hands into a fist and let out a sinister growl, the ground around them cracking open from the force of his rage. "And then I shall finish what was started in the other deminsion! That body and power will be mine!!"

With that, Frieza took off at maximum speed, soon disappearing over the horizon. Jou watched all of this in silence, never moving an inch. Only once Frieza was long gone did he bother to speak his mind.

"...I've got a bad feeling about this..." he muttered, turning his eyes towards the spot he had seen the Son of Gero watching them from. "If this shit keeps up, who knows what will happen next? I've got to put a stop to this soon... I've got enough problems to worry about..." He gave a final passing glance in the direction Frieza had fled in before turning in the opposite direction and heading for home.
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